Getting the most from support online

Covid-19 has meant that many mental health services have moved from in-person to online. Although video based-sessions might seem daunting at first, they can be just as effective as face to face. In fact, some people prefer the convenience of not having to travel to an appointment. You really can get support where and when you need it.

Physical space

When you are preparing for your session, think about your space and where you will be. Make sure you are somewhere comfortable and secure. Think about whether you can be overheard. Try not to have the light behind you so that your face isn’t in shadow.

It can help to have the things you need beside you. You might want some water or a hot drink. Having a pen and paper can be handy and perhaps some tissues in case you need them.

Emotional space

To get the most from your session, give yourself some time before and after it so that you don’t feel rushed or under pressure. If you were going to an in-person session, you would have the journey there and back to help you prepare and then wind down afterwards.

What technology do I need?

Sessions can be done via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or even WhatsApp. You might feel more comfortable with headphones and a microphone but it’s your choice.

Talk about it

If you feel a bit worried about doing a session by video, just let us know and we can talk about how to make it easier.