Listen to this clip on RTE1 Drivetime, where Evelyn O’Rourke speaks to Jen and a range of other mental health experts about teenage mental health.

In this article in the Irish Times , Jen spoke to journalist Hana Hall about the challenges for teenage students during Covid isolation. It includes some helpful tips for teenagers and parents for managing their mental health.

Listen to Jen talk to Evelyn O’Rourke about how students can look after their mental health while studying for the Leaving Cert on the RTE Radio 1 Drivetime Study Hub.

In this podcast for World Mental Health Day 2020, Jen spoke with Jarlath Regan about his own mental health and some of the challenges of trying to parent his son through life and the pandemic.

Check out this radio interview that Jen did with Louise Clark from iRadio about youth mental health in Ireland.

Read this article in the Independent for tips on how to support teenagers’ mental health during Covid-19.

Jen delivered this webinar for parents while working with Jigsaw, the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. In it she talks about supporting young people during the pandemic.